Bitcoin flippening

Epimetheus: ETH next jump to 0.043 and than sideways before the moon.Mirai: POLO TIP: Check the Notices section below the Trollbox regularly to stay up to date with additions and important announcements.Bigolas: PRO TIP: Beware of phishing sites and links promising profits.

Exodus wallet in 9 days will take a lot of sell orders and lending away.MAGAson: 2much, that seems like a very good way - TY - do you sell out of it into another crypto or into USDT (generally).If dash hit the target point, they will pull out all the money from that.Mirai: RovertRover, please do not repost links in the Box, thank you.Enough people will be scared out of alts each time to allow the whalesin.Logicaluser: Forsaken35, there was a larger ETH sell wall the other day.Teslax: pak.chong.cho, lol this guy keeps coming again and again.Crypto Coin Brothers has no. bite-as-loc …/ Network Costs. Monday’s would cause the so-called ‘Flippening.’ Former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director.

Nodestradamus: lawnshark, eth on some gpus since the testnet baby.ZWhale: lionelm355i, the Krabby Patty secret formula is kept only for people who are loyal enough to hide it from evildoers such as plankton.NooberDog: RIP anyone shorting fct over the next week as people realize how undervalued it is and price suppressed due to lack of wallet and low lending rates.EtherealCereal: OGBobbyJohnson, ETH and btc stagnant. dash rocketed.Mirai: xiongguangwen1990, thank you, support will review your reply and respond as soon as possible.BladePlob: levinhostar, best get back in that time machine bro, that was last year.Xclusive: Bigolas, Sounds like it is Base Address add Amount add Payment ID to be entered in the withdrawal Address.

Crypt0Damus: We will see major uptrend on NAV starting today.ShoppingTrolley: CoinAddict, most coins will be going down while btc hardfork up in the air.

Cryptoniteburning: charifabdeslem, your face going to crash, not ETH.Mirai: Burnitdown, hello, I am relatively new, been here for a little over a month.ManWithThePlan: If dash breaks 0.1 Im actually out - I doubled down on my short.Bigolas: Burnitdown, I believe he will be in again soon if you need him.Banhammer: RaceBannon banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.Xception: The bets are taken. and the roulette is rolling.:).Thehobbitwith9fingers: waiting on that green candle to come back to earth.

I would be very surprised if XRP went anywhere long term (XRP n LTC are the zombies of the top 10).MrMotorCycle: its dangerous now to stay with btc if fork is just around the corner.Tilikum: ETH will drop to 0.035 as it did last week, nothing new.

Aceman: anyone looking at charts right now and not thinking XMR is about to be bullish is foolish.Logicaluser: Bigolas, I understand the tech issue is complex, what frustrates me most though is the lack of communication about this issue via official channels.RadiumInHuman: gibeon, ETH is no more a coin since the ETH fundation could reverse (and freeze) bad transaction.CryptoKnight: CryptoFanBoi, USDT is only to rapidly convert crypto to fiat value without the hassle of actual fiat transfer.Lagniappe: Man, it said 7,000 USD withdrawal limit, not 7,000 USD cryptocurrency withdrawal limit, now if anything happens im screwed.Bigolas: fendysetiady.f, It will happen automatically, your accounts are safe.BitsGuy: when is the hammercoin coming out the ban are on a ATh.Banhammer: surikata.mambata banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Mirai.

ManWithThePlan: Well i just lost.2BTC trying to short dash - riddiculous haha.You can toggle from day to night mode in the upper right of the site.Every time i put down my phone for 5min a trade goes through haha.Pharrisee1: Takksplace, if you think the banks are going to base their business on a public blockchain you are sadly mistaken.

By flipping the conference model inside out,. Bitcoin is like the early Internet. (Library of Congress) shut down. shut down.LBCMiner: BladePlob, release at end of month, charlie talking on friday, and possible coinbase meeting later this month.Mirai: MOD ALERT: Just so users know - there may not always be a warning before a ban.DenverTheDinozor: argonaut, it is. every sell order getting rekt and buy order getting rekt.Bigolas: shadowcoinwarrior, No cheerleading, thankyou for understanding.GelatinousCube: the 1-minute candles you get with Poloniex Platinum accounts are quite neat.WaveFCollaps: when bitcoin holds steady, we can see maybe a fill off emty space that left behind by Roger Ver.MaybachMoney: btcfreak, its going to mess up bitcoin though imo if that happens.

BenjaminBannekar: ChairmanDAO, just because its in a news paper does not mean the world.MemberBerries: Mirai, no no it is here on polo. when i want to generate an adress for XRP it says i need 20 xrp but i allready have that LOL.Koyaanisqatsi: Mamamopanot, its one of most liquid coins out there mate its exacly opposite to vapourware.

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