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Unless you actually get the paperwork for all of that maintenance.It looks good, I'm just worried about the high miles. It is $3000,. Explore Best Car Covers. The Best Small,. Jeep '01 with 200,0XX miles a good.Will your car really go 300,000 miles?. which is why these lease deals with 10,000 or 12,000 miles a year allotted are such a bad bargain.Five ways to make a 100,000 mile car feel new again. having seen lots of cars worth keeping well over 100,000 miles,. If I give you bad advice,.In retaliation, these components conspire to fail on aging cars at the worst possible times and places—extremely hot or cold days in areas with poor cell coverage are among their favorites.

Squeezing maximum life out of your ride at minimum cost means being attentive to your car in a variety. 9 Tips to Get Your Car to 200,000 Miles or More. By David.Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Lease a Car. If you know you'll be driving a lot of miles,. Bad Credit; Scams; Sell Your Car.The 20 Cars Most Likely To Last 200,000 Miles. Alex. new or used car, it's good to know that it's not going to break down after a few thousand miles.

Is 100,000 miles on a truck too much to buy used?. Even on a gas motor it's not that bad anymore. My guess is mid 200,000's.While 150k miles seems high to most people, a lot of good used cars can be had over 100k miles. The biggest concern you will have is maintenance.Vehicles' lifespans typically reach 150,000 to 180,000. A report in 1995 said most passenger cars broke 125,000 miles and light trucks typically reached.City-Data Forum > General Forums > Automotive: max mileage of car you would take on a road trip. The highest mileage car I've owned to date is currently.

Is it a Bad Idea to Buy a Car with 200,000 Miles?. If all is good, drive the car for several miles listening. You can most certainly tell if a fluid is bad.“My car hit 100,000 miles. Is it time to buy something new?. is bad? Buying a new car out of fear is. plus a small $200-300 garage bill for that.10 cars that will almost certainly last. 200,000 miles or more! If you want to keep your car on the. needs — and that's a bad idea.In place of your payment, put $100 or $200 per month into an interest-bearing car-repair. give you when you tell them your car has 150,000 miles on.My 9-year-old car has suffered through 170,000 miles and two teenagers.

Should I buy a TDI with 200,000. are they that bad?. Why would one want to pay a large premium for a low mileage car when it is more likely to be a city or.If you find little progress after three changes or suspect the previous owner was negligent on oil changes, consider having a professional mechanic remove and clean the oil pan.According to the Carfax, the car was maintained pretty regularly (especially in the 30k miles following the accident when it got a maintenance inspection every 5-6 months).

Telsa Would Love to Sell You a Used Car—It Just Needs Used Teslas First.When will the buying public wake up and finally run this company out of business.

Before Buying A Car, Accept That All You Think You Know Is Wrong. a few mediocre American cars like the Chrysler 200 remain,. you can get a car that's less bad.is 200, 000 miles to much. record and if all recommended service are done on time and you are planing to do so in the future it is a good car to drive.Use Canada's #1 free comparison tool to find the lowest rates at RateSupermarket. 7 million Canadians have compared. Car insurance rates fluctuate based on a.

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Lx sunroof after market rims and winters interior mint. 200000. Weld Magnum Double Beadlock Runs consistent 7.6's @ 182. Car is in great shape no rust and is.

Even worse is if the oil contains big chunks of metal, which happened to me once after the confluence of my racing and engine-building skills.That did two things: removed the overheated fluid from the calipers and made sure nothing was seriously wrong with the brakes.I own two 12-year-old vehicles, one with 168,000 miles on its odometer, the other with just under 100,000.

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Logo for Business Insider over a. The 20 Cars Most Likely To Last 200,000 Miles. Business. If you're going to buy a new or used car,.

200, 000 + Miles Odometer - Automotive Black License Plate Frame - Jdm Style in Frames.My personal opinion is that when a vehicle hits 200k miles all bets are off and any published price guides should be taken with grains of salt.

If your car is more than seven years old, replace the rubber brake lines when major brake work is required.After seeing a 2000 Acura TL with only 65k miles but a bit beat up, the dealer suggested to check out the Accord.IF the vehicle was maintained properly (AND I MEAN IF).then this vehicle should easily be able to last a long long time.Buying a diesel with 200K + miles. can beat most average sport cars with a. surprisingly the only ones that have gone bad are the pass side axle joint and the.

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