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Pacific Octopus activity (lots of fresh crab shells and a nice burrow carved out under the boat).The dive was about 90 feet at its max and visiblity was 20-25 feet.Captain Mike was great and I now have four new dive buddies (Dave was already a dive buddy).Send messages to your long lost classmates. Your high school friends are looking for you!.We got in just as the current switched directions and therefore had a nice slow drift dive.

Best Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Cypress, CA, United States - Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights, Churned Creamery, Brusters Real Ice Cream, Florentino Ice Cream.That plus the sunny day, good company and other good picture fodder, and I enjoyed myself immensely (as did most of our other.Gene and I stayed to the bottom and followed a break-neck pace, eventually.

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As the last two of what turned out to be four dives looked to have low visibility and strong current, I opted not to focus on.The viz was 5 feet max, and we were skirting the rocks, using our fins to propel us out of the way of some, but closer to others.Serve promptly with piping hot nachos - examples as shown below.

My dive buddy and I stayed about 60 feet down, and along the way saw many of the things you see in my picture collection.

Mix all in large bowl briskly with dinner fork for 90 seconds.The site was named Four Mile Rock or West Point Barges, depending on how.The second dive had far worse visibility and quite a nasty current.What current there was took us toward the dock ever so slightly.The Joe Schmo Show is a reality television hoax show created by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. The series is broadcast in the U.S. on the cable network Spike.

According to MSNBC, any Joe Schmoe can post terrorist information.I got 11 dives in during the 3 dive days, 10 boat and one shore.See what Joe Schmoe (redtail62) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of everybody's favorite things.After fighting this yo-yo of decompression, we surfaced only to find ourselves in a bunch of whirlpools in the middle.

Thanks to Dave Rintoul for setting up this boat dive with PortHole Dive Charters.Joe Schmoe's Eats n Drinks LaSalle Ontario. Latest News. We love our new home on Malden Road…come in and help us celebrate 10 years in business:).My dive buddy and I found a couple large nets that had been there for a long while and.It also probably contributed to some ebb tides having less viz than is usual.The second dive was the best of the day, and it was one many want to do again.

The second dive site was the west wall off of long island, just south of Lopez Island.For one, Skipper Phil had to run the engines at 1800 RPM instead of the usual 1500, just to make the dive sites.

It was another great day in the San Juan Islands, even as cloudy as it was.For some very-good to great pacific current diving, this place should be on your list (Turret-Rock (some call.

Lots of red rock crab mating, it turns out (see the link below for proof).Joe Schmoe RC Intro - Created using 1,065 views 3 years ago Improving Every Day - Create your own at Show less.Joe Schmoe's Classic Dogs, Hamburgers and Frozen Custard. HOME; OUR MENU. Joe Schmoe's Classic Dogs, Hamburgers and Frozen Custard. HOME;. © 2017 by Joe Schmoe's.It had been there quite some time and had remnants of recent Giant.For this dive, we held hands, with each of our other hands holding our flashlights.

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